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The core of Breon is to continuously provide additional value. One way How? By sharing our know-how!

Through our blog posts, you will understand why we love our job and how we create great solutions. Are you interested in a specific topic or want to learn more? Feel free to contact us. Our team strives to create answers and share them with you.

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Social Team Building

Click here and learn how to make the team building activities good for everyone!

The story behind Breon

For the full story of everything behind the Breon brand read the interview with CEO Fikret Zendeli.

Becoming Socially Aware

In this blog article you will be able to learn more about the idea of Social Friday.

Latest Trends in BIM

The future of construction with BIM is already here! Check out the latest Trends in BIM Technology.

Technical Staff of Breon

Through this article you will understand the life of our technical staff. Interview with Maja Meglenova.

How to use Bim Technology

In this article you will read about Bim Technology and how it is used in construction.

Architects, Civil Engineers

Civil engineers and architects lead an everlasting "battle" between the fields.

Are you hiring an architect?

In this article we have elaborated the five questions you should ask when hiring an architect.