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The Office Staff of Breon: Interview With Nazlije Kurtishi



The office manager is the heart of the company!


This person is responsible for the smooth day-to-day functioning of the office, and it is a position that requires both soft skills and technical knowledge.

In Breon, this job title is proudly carried by Mrs. Kurtishi, a person with a dynamic and detailed-oriented personality. 


In the following interview, you can read more about her role in Breon, the advice she gives to the new team members, and the philosophy behind the company.



1. Who is your hero, and why?

My hero is my MOTHER.

She taught me how to be patient, do everything with love, and give my best to do things right.


She would always tell me: “Nothing is impossible if you work hard enough. Spend your energy working and doing good things instead of wasting your time on social media and other unimportant things”.  And honestly, hard work pays off. I gained more knowledge and experience, and as a result, I developed my professional skills.


2. What do you like the most about being an office manager in Breon?

I’m privileged to be given the opportunity to manage the office in Skopje, and of course support the team and the CEO of Breon, Mr.Zendeli. I really like the office to be well maintained, fully equipped, and clean. I want everyone that comes to the office to feel welcomed and comfortable.


By being the office manager I want my architect colleagues to feel relaxed and concentrate only on their 3D modeling job, without worrying about materials, equipment, drinks, food, and other things necessary for them to finish their daily tasks. Also, by doing the office management I want the CEO of Breon to have a “free back” and focus on bringing new projects and funds.


3. What is the first advice you give to a new team member?

I would say that BREON is a “DREAM WORKING PLACE”.


We appreciate the effort of our employees and pay them fairly!

We do the job with the best quality possible!

We offer great conditions for employees!

We use the latest software and technology.




4. Can you share with us the Breon tricks for keeping a productive atmosphere during the workday?



If you are able to prepare a detailed “to-do list” and follow it strictly then the productivity atmosphere will be at the highest level. By doing so, at the end of the day, all parties will be satisfied, happy, and fulfilled.

Dividing the tasks in the right way and setting goals is another important element that adds more value to the productive atmosphere.

Avoid dreaming about the big goal, instead focus on small and fast wins.


5. How would you describe the philosophy of Breon to somebody that doesn’t know the company?

Breon stands for quality. A quality that obliges us not to compromise. On every single working day.

Breon creates 3D BIM models and construction plans. We answer on trust with reliability and quality.

We are part of society. We care about the environment.

BREON is dedicated to the construction industry since 2010.


6. You are a working parent. How does the team in Breon help you keep balance and be successful both personally and professionally?

The TEAM of Breon is great! There is so much respect for each other so that you will start to fill your colleagues as your family members.


I had the cases where I had to leave the working place earlier due to obligations as a mother and my colleagues would always be ready to assist me with the administrative and management tasks. Support for each other is a core value here at Breon.


7. The current situation is not permitting regular Social Friday events to take part. What do you plan for the next one in these exceptional times?

For those that have not heard about Social Friday yet. Social Friday is a global CSR initiative turning unproductive Friday afternoons into social good.


We are working hard on developing a new strategy on how to move forward with Social Friday and adapt to the situation with COVID-19.


We recently developed a short document on the journey of Social Friday, that will serve as guidance or overview of the whole story of Social Friday.

I would encourage you all to stay tuned because great things will be coming really soon.