Ideas for Virtual


Ideas for Organizing Virtual Fundraisers in Pandemic Times


The pandemic that the world is facing has brought us many unimaginable challenges. The most important one is for sure our health, but other than it, all other parts that make us humans and society are also suffering. Second-year in a row, our economy, industries, and the sociological aspects of our life take a toll under the new normal.


If you are a part of an NGO, a community group, or just a concerned member of society that wants to donate or volunteer, you for sure experienced a significant set-back for your activities.


The uncertainty in what we are living, the fear of contact with other people, and the restrictions all contribute to postponed volunteering and donation events.


With this purpose in mind, we create a list of ideas for you to organize fundraisers and volunteering using the advantages of technology and being able to follow all the pandemic protocols.



Virtual tour 

Being unable to have eye-to-eye contact with your potential donors and not show the problem that your organization or group is trying to solve is sometimes the fundamental issue.

Here comes the opportunity to organize a virtual tour! You can either stream a live video or post a pre-recorded one. If you decide on the second one, you can always include real-time comments from the audience and make it more interactive.

This type of raising awareness is important for causes like homeless shelters, orphanages, animal shelters, and any kind of environment that you want to get close to the people you want to inspire to donate. Show them the problem, show them what is being done, and keep them posted on the progress that is being made after donations and contributions.



Watch party

There is an option for you to host a watch party on social media, and these can come in handy for your NGO too! You can either educate the audience through the video content you will stream or even involve a specifically created documentary for your cause explaining its significance.

You can go even further and make a competition out of this event with short movies related to your cause and created your volunteers or everyone that wants to participate!



Online contest

An online contest can be a great way to inspire people to join in! You can choose music, drawing, or any talent you wish, require a small entrance fee and raise awareness of the problem your organization stands for. 

During this challenging time, people are eager to find meaningful causes to fill their time productively and help society.



Virtual walk or run

Gatherings are not an option, but doing physical exercise alone in the outdoors is encouraged! You can dedicate a whole month to this event, create a possibility for everyone that wants to join to connect their sports app to your system, and spread the word about the cause. 

Companies, especially big cooperative ones, can join in here by making donations to every kilometer run or walked by the participants! 




People will often choose to donate goods over funds, and that is something to keep in mind if you work for an NGO. It is mainly because we find it more trustworthy to see what is materially needed, contrary to only giving away our money to a cause that we sometimes don’t know that well. 

This is an excellent approach if you organize a gathering of goods for people in need, helping a family fix their home, or have a specific project in mind. You can also inform your audience of the process and the result of their contribution. A great way to connect both of the parties and complete your goal of helping!



To wrap it up

Despite not being near and feeling disconnected more than ever, we should not forget to help one another and those that this crasis affected the most! Take a look at your neighborhood, your community, and your city; there must be something that you can do to contribute even in times with police hours and restrictions. Stay safe!


Check out our Social Friday Activity! We hope that we can go back to organizing these events very soon.



Inspired by: Givesmart, Mind UK, Qgiv & Bloomerang