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How to Become Socially Aware


SOCIAL FRIDAY: How to Become Socially Aware



The end of the week is near and you are trying to remain focused on getting all the tasks done. But at the end of the day, do you feel like something is missing? As if there is a part of your duty as a person that wasn’t accomplished good enough? 

If the answer is yes – good! You might need to step ahead and think about engaging in social activities with a greater cause.


In the following paragraphs, you will be able to learn more about the idea beneath it. Know how to remain focused, steel and big as a team, and all that by doing good for the world. 


Breon: A Successful Story for Achieving the Balance

Do you often find yourself feeling tired at the end of the week? No more focus left for work, you just want to go through the door and enjoy the weekend activities. First of all, you aren’t the only one!


In fact, most of the workers are feeling the same. Social Friday has started as an initiative first conceptualized after Mr. Fikret Zendeli read an article providing information that most of the workers after 2:39 PM on Friday aren’t productive, but just wait for the weekend to start.


As a part of the initiative, Breon has decided to dedicate one Friday four times a year and collaborate with different organizations. During the events, they are raising awareness about the issues in society, helping and donating. 


All that by presenting more than engineering projects packed with responsibility towards the environment. Besides the engineering formal world in the office, once the last day of the week arrives, you can go outside and do good as a team.


The Concept Behind Social Awareness

As humans, we must understand how important it is to build bridges with other individuals. The capability to understand, comprehend, and appropriately react to interpersonal struggles and problems of society is what makes us socially aware.


Furthermore, you can explore this concept as a company owner or a part of an organization. Nowadays, being a business owner requires a huge responsibility behind it. Considering all the details that come along, you must act with care towards society and the world.


Nevertheless, such a definition might sound very simple. When it comes to the act of transforming an idea into an act, the process of increasing social awareness raises a few questions ahead. 


You might find yourself asking: How to become more socially aware? What can I do to be more comprehensive towards the others? And if you do so, in the following paragraphs you can learn how to be a proactive part of society together with the team. 


How Can Social Friday Help You?

Nowadays many individuals are experiencing hard times when it comes to being a part of a team. Creating a motivational working environment is a hard process. Such practice implies the need of making a deeper bond among the colleagues. 


In fact, this type of connection can be a big game-changer. But regarding the productivity and the workflow, you can expand the goal and seek for more.


Furthermore, the idea behind Social Friday has a few more layers. You can do it as an activity that will involve more than having fun at an after-work party with your colleagues. And the best way to do so is by engaging in events that will maximize the social awareness for each individual.


How Can Global Social Friday Increase Your Social Awareness?

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of the text, to remain socially aware, you must do things and act along. Global Social Friday as an idea remains focused on helping your local community. By doing it on a regular basis, you can invest directly in the economy you are part of today. Furthermore, you can act with the flow and enjoy the benefit of it tomorrow.


By taking a part of the initiative as a team, you will be able to enjoy the social gathering with your colleagues. Moreover, you can enjoy each designated Friday afternoon with a cause that rests upon the idea for a better future.


How Can We Increase Our Social Awareness?

Let’s face it – being present and aware of the world around us is great, but is it enough?

No matter how deep we comprehend the things that are moving and evolving, it’s nothing if we don’t act upon them. That’s why remaining engaged and active is of crucial importance for us. But when doing so, we must remain focused on the performance, converting our idea into action.


Engage in Social Activities

Drinking a beer after the office hours might sound good to everyone. But what if you can do it after you’ve made sure that you are doing good for the rest of the people around you? 


Many companies are struggling to find this balance as a team, and the truth is that there is a simple answer. You can do the work as a team, and remain engaged in activities that will bring benefits to the people around.


Moreover, by being a part of a team with local people, you are already familiar with the world around you. This is a great start! Once you are aware of the struggles of the people, you can do something to make their days better. With the right focus on the issues around, you can aim towards solutions and try to make the place better.


Do the Things as a Team

Everyone knows that doing things as a team is of crucial importance for every company. In addition, doing so requires a lot of engagement that won’t remain inside the office. No matter if it is a morning walk to work or a workation, you can always improve the working environment. Thus said, once bonds are created inside the team, working the things out will be much easier than you expect. 


Be Aware of the World You Live In

The only way to remain socially aware is to stay informed. Each team will benefit from a group of individuals that are always keeping track of the changes. In addition, the only way to be good in what you are doing, whatever you are doing, is to be aware and informed. Once you’ve hooped on this train, you can easily spot an issue around you, and think towards a solution.


You can start by reading the news regularly or by paying more attention to the world around you. In other words, staying aware can be as easy as riding a bike to the office instead of taking a bus. While doing the trip, you can take a look at what’s around you, see the issues, and dream about ways to make it better.



By being present and alive, each day we are observing the world around us. With the ability to connect the dots and spot the issues, we can easily think analytically and find a way to eliminate them. Even though we are not capable of making a huge impact on our own, by working as a team, as Breon suggested, we can make a bond among us, and brighten the day for the rest of the people. With great help from Breon, by engaging with the initiative Global Social Friday, each of us can become more aware of the others, do good and be responsible for the people around.