What is Allplan and why did we


What Is Allplan and Why Did We Choose It?


One of our specialties in BREON is 3D BIM modeling. In order to achieve our goal of high-end quality and perfect details, we have to master a couple of different areas. They include our expert background in engineering, the rich portfolio of projects done with 3D modeling, and our knowledge of BIM. When we combine all of this, we get only the pre formula required before starting working with BIM software.

Applying the extensive knowledge into BIM practice takes years of training, guidance, and constant development. Our team is making great and long-term efforts to get to this point.


For a company to succeed, especially for BIM, except for the essential human resource, it also needs exceptional software that provides possibilities for the projects to develop and rich its final high-end form.



Software for 3D Modeling

There are many specialized software solutions for 3D modeling. 

As a Swiss company, BREON has a long-term partnership with the widest known and used software company in Switzerland’s german language speaking area, Allplan. This software of the German manufacturer Nemetschek for 3D modeling has proven to be an excellent tool for executing our work.


More About Allplan


History of Allplan

The idea that is now Allplan started back in 1963 when professor Georg Nemetschek founded the “Building Sector Engineering Office” in Munich and focused his work towards the concept of virtual building models, which is, in fact, the foundation of the BIM that we know today. With the holistic approach in mind, this pioneer company continued its progress and innovation, resulting in the world-class product software that is Allplan today. 


Allplan in the world

With a long history of more than 50 years, the Allplan software developed and evolved, resulting in widespread usage in the whole AEC industry. It is now available in 20 languages, used in 41 countries, with more than 240,000 users worldwide.

Some of the most known projects created with Allplan are The Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, Germany; the Centre Pompidou in Metz, France; and the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland.


Allplan mentioned Breon’s Work

As a partner to Allplan, it was a great privilege and honor that one of our projects was mentioned by Allplan Schweiz AG. It is one of our ongoing projects for the Depot Hard in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Just for BREON to be a part of this project is a great recognition of our hard work and long-term commitment to quality. Still, the renders being additionally published with the Allplan community makes the moment just grater and a beautiful top of the icing. 

To Wrap It Up

For us as a company in the construction industry, working for the Swiss market is very demanding. It requires a particular mindset, long-term commitment, and investment in all aspects to meet and exceed the market’s quality demands.

This recognition of our work by a company like Allplan means a lot to us. It is at the same time an incentive to continue investing in our development in order to increase our quality even further.