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Five questions when hiring


Five Questions to Ask When Hiring an Architect



When a company is doing job recruitment, it’s like they are choosing a family member. You are going to spend most of your time with these people. Employees who work in the same office spend over 2,000 hours together each year.

The person must fit the company’s culture, with not only their work ethic but also their personality. 

The main parameters that must be considered are knowledge, skills, and attitude, and for each one of them, a level of importance must be established, for how important they are in the specific company. 

The main requirements when hiring an architect, except for the education, are the skills for the drawing tools, the creativity aspect, people skills, and of course the level of experience, depending on the work position.

In addition, we list the most important topics that must be covered in a job interview for an architect.

1.What were the reasons for you to apply for a job in our company?

This is a very common question with the purpose of the employer to see if the potential employee did research on the company and their projects. This is considered a test question and can reveal very interesting answers about the level of interest on the candidate.

The ideal answer should be focused on the exciting new possibilities, and not include any negativity about their previous employer or any selfish reasons.

In general, it depends on the person, but the most important characteristics
are being ambitious and eager to learn and develop.

A good example answer

“I find your current projects very appealing. The opportunity to work with you, using the latest BIM technology is something very interesting. I’m personally an enthusiast for technology and 3d modeling. The most important for me is constant self-improvement.”


2.Tell us more about yourself. What do you like to do in your free time?

This question may seem like a trivial one, but it actually paints a deeper picture of the candidate. There may be a couple of potential employees with similar work experience and skills, and attitude as a factor will play a key role in the decision-making process. 

Sometimes what a person does outside the office, matters more than what we can imagine. It reflects on the company and the employer itself, as the employees are the face and the ambassadors of the brands.

A good example answer

“Well, I like nature and biking. I prefer spending my free time in the outdoors. I also do some volunteer work in the local dog shelter and have a couple of dogs myself. ”

3.What are the skills that served you the best in your career? Can you put them on a scale of 1 to 10, including AutoCAD and 3d modeling

This question gives insight into what the candidate regards as their top skill. It is also a way to double-check that the candidate understands the essential skills for the position based on their job description. In the answer, there should be mentions of the skills listed in the CV, logical answers, and also some soft skills that the candidate values.

A good example answer

“I would have to say my organizational skills. Of course, I’m extremely proud of my creativity and my communication, but it is my organization that has enabled me to track and assess the many details of each project. I would scale myself with 9 for AutoCAD, 7 for 3d modeling, and a full 10 for organization and planning.”


*Good conversation skills and the ability to find the right casual angle even in serious discussions will help you connect with the employer and make the process more friendly and you more approachable.

4.Tell us about one of your previous projects. What were your responsibilities on that project?

This question presents an opportunity for the candidate to discuss one of their projects, usually the most successful one, and share with the employer a more realistic picture of the experience they have. Moreover, it gives more information on how the candidate comes across in soft skills that matter to the company, perhaps collaboration, organization, or communication, teamwork, and self-management.

A good example answer

“The most important thing I did was to know my team. That enabled me to get to a position to manage a part of the project. Another essential thing was that I was on the same page with the clients. It was a project for a hotel, we needed to renovate the old existing building using new eco-friendly materials and optimize the space, so it would have room for more guests.”

5. How do you balance function with the aesthetic appeal?

It is a very common thing for the architect and the client to see the same thing differently, sometimes even in diametrically different ways. Not all eyes see “beauty” and “functionality” the same. This may even happen in the same company between architects. 

It is very important for the candidate to be able to give good examples of the balance between function and aesthetics, give an answer to why the method of combination makes sense, and acknowledge that client wishes may come first.

A good example answer

“Unless the clients demand otherwise, I aim for simplicity above all else. An evergreen design that will never lose its value. Functional space that meets design in every aspect.”


At the end of every good quality interview, the candidate asks questions about the company and the benefits that come with the position they are applying for. A good tip for every applicant is to go to interviews prepared with the questions in mind that really will matter to you in the long run.


Breon as a company offers a modern and friendly work environment, filled with opportunities for the employees. From working on big projects in European cities, using the latest BIM technology, and developing their skills in 3d modeling, to competitive and timely salary with many additional bonuses.

To Sum Up

At the end of the day, the final decision will not be made by the criteria that the candidate is better than everyone else that applied, but because they are someone that fits the company’s culture and meets the general criteria. 

Proactive people that never stop learning and working on themselves are, and always will be the best employees. In every work-environment – trust should be a both-way street, and that should start all the way from the beginning, with the interview and first communications. The trust in the relationship should always be reflected in the communication with the clients.

By creating the best conditions for work inside the company, we create a better environment for everyone that is involved. 

By not forgetting that we’re part of the society, we help each other and reflect the values of the company into our neighborhoods and our city.


We have open positions for an architect and a civil engineer. If you have experience in the field, knowledge of AutoCAD, interest in BIM technology and you know static, this is the perfect job for you. Apply at our email [email protected] and become a part of our family!