Make Your Team Building a Social Friday Event



In this modern world, every company is working towards creating a strong team of independent individuals that can work together on different projects without obstacles. If you have wondered how they manage to build bridges between the colleagues in the office, now is the time to find out! In this blog post, we will dig inside the concept behind social team building activities.


The Importance of Team Building Activities

Creating a productive and healthy environment for your workers is crucial for sustaining a successful business. In fact, it includes a few more aspects than taking care of the physical space and the atmosphere around. If your goal is to create a team that will enjoy getting the job done, as a manager, you are supposed to be taking care of their interpersonal skills and relationships. The best way to do it is by engaging them into social events that will help them bond as a team.


Social Team Building Activities

When choosing the right social team building activities, you can choose between upon a few scenarios, or incorporate them together with a pinch of creativity to top it all together. The social team building activities can differ from social team-building games to team-building problem-solving activities, but it’s up to you to find a way that will make them correspond with your business’s main aim and value.


On the other hand, if you believe that this idea should be fully abandoned since there are tons of things that shouldn’t include company-related activities, you can choose an event with a different cause. In these terms, many young employees will agree with you, since the human connection requires more than the company’s mission behind. The idea of a team that can work over passing through a certain obstacle and building something better can expand above the limit of the business field.


To sum it up, no matter if you have chosen to create team-building problem-solving activities with the company’s mission beneath it, or team building activities for work that will be focused on the employee’s personal connection in a social environment, it will be up to you to put it in an adequate way and framework.


Social Team Building as a Practice of Corporate Values

Before you act on the social team building event, you must make sure that the idea itself has a purpose. Sure, everyone loves having fun, but on such occasions, it is very important to make sure that the people engaging have a feeling that they are doing something beneficial for them, or the society, together. 


The only way to have successful team building activities is by knowing that your employees are having fun while they are working on a bigger cause together. By doing so, you can sharpen their vision and aim, and yet, make sure that they are adapting towards the main ideas of your organization. In addition, they can understand the mission in a better way.


Outdoor Team Building Games and Events

The social team building definition includes a few more aspects than creating more powerful bonds by allowing them to engage in social activities. You can choose to allow it to happen naturally or work on the ways of improving their communication. These events are supposed to expand and sharpen their skill sets too. In order to create a team with powerful individuals, they should all have specific social skills that will help them communicate with each other in a better way. 


For doing so, you can organize some games that will expand their verbal communication skills, such as strategy games to improve their problem-solving ability and allow them to think outside the box. Furthermore, you can find some games that will include timed deadlines to make them work together as a team under pressure, or choose to run a relay in order to promote their trust and reliability.


By monitoring and managing the team, probably you have already formed some opinions over each individual, about their strengths and weaknesses. Now is the time for you to handle the idea on a wider level and make sure that you are working to promote their strengths and reduce their weaknesses. Be free and creative when working on the solution for the best team-building event, and make sure that everyone enjoys it!




Company social team building events can have a great impact on the workspace if you manage to host them in the right way. The main catch is to make sure that the whole event should be engaging, allowing your employees to feel relaxed and comfortable and at the same time, have a sense of productivity. For doing so, you should be aware of their weaknesses as a team, and reduce them with the right idea behind the particular activity you are engaging them in. The best way to build bridges between the interpersonal relationships of the workers is by making sure that they enjoy the time spent when working on a bigger cause as a team.