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Breon thinks in the long term and acts sustainably.


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Breon thinks in the long term and acts sustainably. We are convinced that trust is crucial for successful cooperation, so we behave accordingly. Quality ensures satisfaction, and satisfied customers are our best reference.

“Thanks for the super service, that was world class.”

Werner Hug
Draughtsman (Civil Engineer)

Henauer Gugler AG

“I like to work with Breon because you have satisfied architects and no difficulties on the construction site with their plans.”

Clare Burns
Dr. sc. Dipl. Civil Engineer ETH SIA

WaltGalmarini AG

“Breon makes it fit! Especially for complex conversion projects very professional plans delivered punctually. No questions remain on the field.”

Philip Krohn
Dipl. Civil Engineer TU

WaltGalmarini AG

“Breon GmbH provides everything you need from a design team: reliable adherence to deadlines, the highest quality of plan processing and, last but not least, a very pleasant cooperation.”

Fabio Pesavento
Dipl. Civil Engineer FH

Ulaga Partner AG

“Competent, timely preparation of plans of extraordinary quality. Very coherent and pleasant collaboration.”

Johannes Misteli
BSc ZFH Civil Engineer

Misteli Bauingenieur GmbH