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The Best Software for 3D Modeling

No matter if you are an architect or an engineer, once the right plan is made, you must be capable of presenting the idea precisely. In the past, the process behind it was done in many different ways, demanding a lot of hours spent on dedicated work. Luckily nowadays, as an architect or engineer, you have a few more options that won’t require much time spent on presenting the idea. 


3D Modeling for Engineers and Architects

Making a good visualization of a particular design is very important for both engineers and architects. Just go back in time and think about the times when your idea was misunderstood by the clients, and it required additional work. Due to this, once a 3D building model is created, you will have no troubles when gaining approval. The ability to present the model together with every stage of design is of huge help when working with the investors.


Who Can Use the Programs for 3D Modeling?

If you are an already established architect or engineer, the chances are that you are familiar with such software. Making a 3D plan is highly recommended since by doing so, you are eliminating the chances to make a mistake, and in addition, the served solution will be way more accurate and as close to the final product as possible. In conclusion to this statement, once the drawings are made on paper, most of the professionals in this field are working to create 3D models.


1. Autocad

So far, this is the most commonly used software solution for architectural models 3D solutions. If you are a student, or if you are a professional architect, you are already well familiar with this option. 


It’s a dominant player in the community and the whole industry, which makes it great since once you start working with it, you will be already familiar with the options. Since it’s well developed, you won’t be facing any difficulties with the compatibility, which makes it great for sharing ideas with your colleagues too!

You can use it for presenting purely representational drawings, which makes it a great stepping stone for 3D modeling software.



Besides AutoCAD, Revit is the most commonly used solution by the many architects out there. Both of them are used for creating architectural solutions, but the difference is that Revit has specific features that are perfect for building design solutions. Thanks to this software you can drive efficiency and accuracy across the project lifecycle, starting from the conceptual design. Furthermore, you can visualize the whole idea and work from analysis to fabrication and construction. 


It is a powerful tool that allows users to collaborate with the team while using BMI 360 Design. Once every project is uploaded on a cloud-based software, the team can easily cooperate and make sure that the data management solution is efficient and effective for the final product.


3. SketchUp

If you are a fan of detailed work, this should definitely be your choice for drawing 3D models. In addition, this software can be excellent for all the beginners, since it is very simple and easy to use. However, since all the rendering options are simplified, you won’t be able to do complex work. 


Nevertheless, it is still a very powerful tool that can help you transform your idea into a design, and make sure that the presentation comes with all the textures available over the materials. 


4. 3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max is an excellent 3D modeling program that is rapidly spread among the users. Once installed, you can enjoy all the parametric plugins, in addition to the smooth modeling features. Besides designing in 3D, you can use a 2D option. With all the modeling capabilities and flexible plugins for architecture, you can enjoy producing architectural models 3D and 2D on your Microsoft Windows platform.


Moreover, this software is mainly used by the architectural visualization studios, as well as the video game developers, together with the TV commercial studios, making it great for professional use.


5. AllPlan

Thanks to the BIM tool featured in this software, you can apply different approaches when generating the designs and drawings. No matter if you are looking for a solution to make two-dimensional plans, or 3D object-oriented modeling, this one can serve you well when transforming your ideas into visual plans for realisation. 


The BMI technology allows the users to generate up-to-date drawings which are precise and efficient. With the aid of powerful layout and design tools, you can generate reliable quantity takeoffs produced from models, including collaboration features which make it easy for you to work on the project as a team.


Wrapping Things Up

Using a 3d software architect solution will help you find a perfect way of expressing your designing solution and more. No matter if you are focused as a creator, or an engineer, with the best 3D software you can easily transform your idea into a concept, and even more, print it out in its perfect shape, without additional worries over the dimensions of the model.