We are part of the society.

Breon doesn't forget about the needy.




We are part of the society. Breon doesn‘t forget about the needy, especially in moments of success. We invest a Friday afternoon each quarter to support social organizations. To do good together and to get know each other better. If this inspires you, follow our example. It is worthwhile!

If your organisation needs support or you want to join us for our next SOCIAL FRIDAY, please contact us on

28.02.2020 / 29.05.2020 / 28.08.2020 / 27.11.2020


Social Friday
1st quarter 2020

Social awareness, getting to know each other better, donation and having fun was on the agenda of this activity between the breon team and the Daycare Center for street children in ShutoOrizari – Skopje.

Social Friday
4th quarter 2019

The team of supporting the Daycare Centre for street children in Shuto OrizariSkopje. They learned more about the topicstreet children and donated usable materials.

Social Friday
3rd quarter 2019

The team of and friends supporting the Retweet a Meal charity in Skopje. The mission of their Social Friday on the 3rd quarter of 2019 to tackle the problem of hunger among homeless people.

Together for a
clean future

Armed with rakes and bins, we dedicated our 11th Social Friday to restore this beautiful part of our nature in Volkovija (North Macedonia).

10th Social Friday
by Breon

Supported by ''BORKA'' organization for cancer awareness along with the team of BEST Skopje we learned more about cancer topic and combined our talents in creating crafts to show the support for cancer patients.

9th Social Friday

What does it take to start creating awareness in the community? A decision to bring the change and understanding that it always starts with…YOU! Every positive action leads to another, linking our future together as a community.

Spray Event
with Grandparents

We spent our 8th Social Friday spray painting with the elderly home Rezidencija Dabeski. Here are just a few of the memorable moments.


Great to meet again with our friends from SOS children's village Skopje and some new friends. Together we do good.

on TV

Talking about SOCIAL FRIDAY on the most popular TV morning show in Macedonia. Thank you Cece and Mark for the warm welcome.

Tinker with friends

Tinker with our new friends from the SOS children’s village Skopje. A pleasure and enrichment for the soul.

Cabins for bad
weather periods

Together we constructed cabins for the stray dogs of Skopje. The next bad weather front can come.


A Walk at the ZOO

A beautiful walk at the Zoo on a sunny day with a group of wonderful kids.

Cooking for the
People in Need

An interesting team activity of cooking tasty meals for the people in need.

Make Skopje

A great activity where the team planted flowers to make the city more beautiful.